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It’s really a weird thing. I’ve been miserable for so long my brain is wired to accept it as the norm. I see my friends and others happy and it seems so extraneous to anything I find familiar. I want to be able to laugh and smile but it feels alien… today my band played a couple songs I wrote and it was nice to remember what I wrote them about and capture the essence of it. I will get over this lull in my life.

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Blog of a quitter

I can’t finish anyth

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white people are truly wild


white people are truly wild

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Average Skin Color by State in the United States

2012 Census Data: taking the racial percentages and combined the colors by reddit user deuxverendus.

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Mirror mirror I think it’s time to tell, I’ve got too many pennies in a wishing well
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How to suddenly become Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat…

My friends and I did this at a few cons we went to. …But this is above and beyond what any of us did.

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This song is called space madness… you should love it.

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If someone gives you ebola knowingly… do you think that’s considered murder? what if you kill him before you die
….. is it a double homicide?

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I was helping a lady today in her early 60’s with a memory card and I said “would you like me to put it in?” and she responded with “I thought you would never ask”

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My mom doesn’t know if she misses me